Redstone Law Firm, Sioux Falls, SD

We chose the name Redstone for the next generation of our firm after much research and debate. We hired a team of professionals to help us choose a name that was traditional yet contemporary.

Naming a law firm without identifying a current or former partner has not been a common practice for firms in South Dakota. We don’t fault those that do as it is consistent with a rich tradition of legal history. The legal profession is slow to change and that’s understandable. However, in the face of a rapidly changing world economy, the need for candid counsel, stability, consistency and certainty has never been greater.

Based on our research and experience, we concluded that changing the name of the firm as partners change causes confusion for our clients, vendors, the community and for our colleagues as well.   

We chose the name Redstone because:

  1. Our clients tell us they don’t like long firm names.
  2. It’s easy to spell.
  3. It reflects the unique legal history of the quartzite rock in and around Sioux Falls. In fact, the quartzite rock that is the bedrock of downtown Sioux Falls was used in the construction of the Minnehaha County Courthouse and the current Federal Courthouse located downtown.
  4. It emphasizes the unique history of our firm, which traces its roots to the earliest lawyers in Sioux Falls.
  5. South Dakota is our primary practice area, and quartzite pillars were originally used to mark the legal boundaries for the State of South Dakota.
  6. The name reflects our core values and commitment to rock-solid legal advice.

As we continue to build a firm based on our core values and practice areas, Redstone Law Firm is a name that can withstand the test of time. We’re proud to serve both long-standing and new clients under this name.

Click here to download a PDF for more information on our new name.

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