On September 9, 2019, the Redstone Team volunteered with Lunch Is Served, Inc. for a fourth time, continuing to "make it better." That night, Redstone volunteers packed roughly 250 lunches for the working poor in the Sioux Falls community.

Lunch Is Served, Inc. actively began serving brown bag lunches in September 2006 and the program continues to grow. In 2018, Lunch Is Served provided more than 23,000 lunches to the working poor in our community. Twice a week, volunteers meet at Emmanuel Baptist Church to make sandwiches and pack brown bag lunches. Immediately following packing, these lunches are delivered to local non-profit partners and day labor offices for distribution to the recipients (free of charge) when they receive job assignments.

Matt McCaulley, one of Redstone's partners, enjoyed his experience once again. Matt's task was sealing the sandwich bags as he attempted to find the "perfect sandwich." When asked about his fourth time volunteering with Redstone at Lunch Is Served, he said, "The ability to work is a gift, and we were honored to serve with a ministry providing food and encouragement to help people stay on the job."

Redstone looks forward to volunteering with Lunch Is Served again in 2020!