On August 13, 2018, Redstone Law Firm continued to "make it better" by volunteering for the Lunch Is Served, Inc. program for a third time. That night, the Redstone Team packed lunches for 240 workers.

Lunch Is Served, Inc. actively began serving brown bags lunches in September 2006, and the program continues to grow. In 2017, Lunch Is Served, Inc. provided more than 22,000 lunches to the working poor in our community! Twice a week (Monday evenings and Wed/Thurs. afternoons), volunteers meet at Emmanuel Baptist Church to make sandwiches and pack brown bag lunches.

Lisa Prostrollo, one of Redstone's partners, participated in the event for the first time. "It was a great opportunity to strengthen our team while supporting an organization that provides such an essential service to our community," said Lisa. Her son, Jack Prostrollo (3), had a great time placing fruit cups in each bag and then stamping the bottom of the bags. Kim Nesheim, another member of the Redstone Team, also enjoyed her time volunteering. Following the event, she happily exclaimed, "I could do that once a week!"

Redstone hopes to volunteer for Lunch Is Served again in 2019, making it an annual tradition since 2016.